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Magnifier LED Promotion PieceChameleons, in El Paso TX, is a promotional products reseller business that endeavors to set new levels of excellence for the vibrant industry. Our aim is to achieve the status of the most user friendly and effective promotional items reseller firm locally, and beyond. We have backed our site with the best to ensure high quality services to all our clients.

Reasons why you should Market your brands with Chameleons

We offer you a perfect, inexpensive means of engraving your brand in the minds of the many potential customers you might have. We deal with a variety of products and hence have experience in promoting your specific product brand. With so many ways of marketing, we give you the perfect opportunity to brand your business name by giving your customers a branded advertising gifts. We provide an excellent opportunity to achieve this objective.

Apart from our site being easy to navigate, our search is both accurate and relevant, well sized and has attractive product images. We also have special categories devoted to making the process of finding ideas for your projects very easy. All our product collections, ranging from trade show brand recognition items to distinctive corporate gifts, are expertly designed to meet our high quality standards, cost effectiveness and originality.

Chameleons, in El Paso TX, products range from key rings, refrigerator magnets, pens, umbrellas, water bottles and backpacks. We also design and manufacture work uniforms on request. Get in touch to find much more about our business and products.

Advantages of Working with Chameleons In El Paso, TX

Enhance brand recognition

The objective of any business, regardless of its size, is brand recognition. How will you make your product or service both remain in the minds of clients and stand out from the rest in the market? The most effective way is to be innovative with your marketing strategies. Branded gifts provide a tried and tested way of increasing awareness for your business. Simply customize an item that your potential customer can use in his or her daily life, for example with your logo. You will be surprised by the outcome your customers, will have, when your business is on their minds constantly.

Inexpensive mass outreach

When working with a lean budget, it is difficult to choose that specific gift idea that will work best for your business. Since branded material we have are affordable, yet have a huge, lasting impact, they are ideal in such situations. Even a tiny simple giveaway is a wonderful way of creating customer loyalty. If yours is a storefront, including a small fun giveaway with products and or service, is a great way to show appreciation to your customers.

Serves as an alternative business card

Any marketing advertisement serves as a creative, fun way of showcasing your business’ contact information. So, instead of simply giving a potential client your business card, for instance, giving, him or her, your business card plus a tangible branded product, will certainly make a huge impression on them.

Provide repeat exposure

Another way of increasing the effectiveness of your marketing campaign is through repeat exposure. Brand enhancing gifts are a perfect way of keeping your activities, as well as your business, constantly in front of clients without spending a fortune. Take your time to know the type of items your customers will appreciate and keep for a long time. For instance, if you are in the soft drinks business give your customers free bottle openers.

Benefits of using Chameleons in El Paso, Texas, as your products reseller

Professional art assistance

When you’re ready to take your business to the next level, we will do all the prep work for you. We will walk you through the whole process, if needed, or simply give you the comfort that all is taken care of. We can help you choose your items, such as golf gifts, bags, and desk items among many others. Try us and get a first-hand experience of how convenient it is to order products at Chameleons in El Paso TX.

Personalized expert service on each and every order

Regardless of whether you are ordering over the phone or on the web, every order is handled by experts who will make sure that every detail is tailored to your specifications. An experienced promotions expert, together with our competent team of professionals, will work with you on your order ensuring that all your specifications are factored in.

Availability of Samples

Would you like to have a look at some samples? No problem. We send samples to our customers on request, complete with random imprints, to enable you see the item before you order. Just indicate that you need a sample or simply give us a call.

Why work with Chameleons for your brand recognition

If you are looking for marketing ideas, you are in the right place. We have put in place simple, yet professional measures, to ensure that ordering is quick and easy. Not only will you get competitive pricing, you’ll get our expert guidance and advice. Besides, as a Chameleons customer, you get continued service, as well as information on the latest promotion products. Call today at (915) 307-3415, and let us help you with the right product for your marketing efforts.

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