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Coffe Mug Branded PrintingChameleons is your ultimate one source for all your promotional printing needs. Located in El Paso TX, it offers reliable and professional services for the procurement of all your branded products and business giveaways. From artwork creations to sourcing, through production and distribution. The company offers high quality services, quality customer care and competitive pricing to all its customers. Its product offering covers a wide range of categories, including drink ware, bags, hats, stationery, writing tools, among many other products and services.

What sets Chameleons apart for Promo Specialties

Apart from being your one source for unlimited advertising printing possibilities, Chameleons is the leading brand awareness company items service provider. Considering that these types of creations are the most effective for branding your company, the company is your perfect marketing partner since it has thousands of ideas available for you. From Christmas gifts to trade shows, the company aims to offer the best product printing services while, at the same time, meeting your budget.

Chameleons is not an ordinary corporate promotional products supplier that makes empty delivery promises or uses slimy sales techniques. No, it won’t lure you into expensive koozies, when what you need is worth a fraction of that. At no point will you feel pressured to buy personalized travel mugs that are too expensive for you or order excess marketing promo items. The company specializes in offering ad specialties at an affordable cost.

Expert advice for Marketing Items

Branded products can be used for a variety of purposes, and there are many ways of handing them out. Selecting an item that matches your purpose as well as distribution methods is very crucial. For instance, a simple product giveaway, say, a pen that is issued at a trade show is not the best fit to give to a customer as a sign of appreciation. It does not convey sufficient value to the customer and will create the impression that you are not sincere. The following is a detailed explanation given by Chameleons on how to use the various brand awareness products to tap the full potential of your marketing efforts.

Simple Giveaways

Giving your clients simple, inexpensive items that have your logo in them, is the best way of creating name reputation and recognition, yet it requires very little effort from you. Simple giveaways are perfect for in office lobbies or trade shows. They are picked up in lobbies or given out at trade shows, mostly in large quantities. They stick with customers for a long period of time, especially if a very useful product is used.

True Advertising Specialties

Promotional printed products allow you to calculate the impact of your investment. The product chosen serves to encourage the client to take a step that can be tracked and hence directly attributed to the tool. You can direct your potential customer to an online page that you have revealed through the product only. Alternatively, you can request customers to bring the item to your premise for a special offer. You will then be able to know the number of customers who actually received your your promotion item, and of those who received it, how many actually make purchases. This will show you how effective your marketing effort is.

Benefits of choosing Chameleons in El Paso

Are you ready to issue your corporate marketing products into the market, but still wondering who is best positioned to help you achieve your objective? Chameleons is the right company for the job. Its qualified, experienced and passionate team of experts have already downed their hats, and are ready to take you through every step of the process. Shop confidently through their products and services, and effectively take your message to your potential customers. Even if you have some questions regarding how to market your promotions, trust the same professional team to attend to your every concern in the most efficient way.

Importance of Marketing Printed Products

Chameleons provides top notch brand recognition printing products, that are used by your customers on a daily basis. When other persons notice your logo, as your clients use your products, they learn about your company, resulting in more leads and hence more business for your organization in the long run.

Chameleons promises to maintain your product’s integrity in addition to a timely delivery on all your orders. Ordering promotional printing products from Chameleons is very simple. Simply contact us at (915) 307-3415 and one of our specialized agents will be happy to assist you. If you’d rather visit us personally, then we welcome you at our address shown below. Regardless of the option you choose, trust Chameleons, in El Paso Tx, to deliver on its promises.

417 E Yandell Dr
El Paso, TX 79902
(915) 307-3415


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