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Stainless Steel Mug  GiveawayChameleons, company located in El Paso TX, utilizes state of the art technology to market your business in the most effective way. The company specializes in offering support and coaching to business firms in matters pertaining to marketing. With a long experience in the promotional giveaways industry, the company’s qualified and experienced technicians have mastered sufficient skills to give you prospective selling and marketing elements to maximize your success.

Roles of Chameleons El Paso Texas

Chameleons offer a full collection of promotion creations, online services and most importantly, the latest technology. No one in El Paso TX doubts the importance of the role and value of Chameleons in the promotional gifts industry. They help businesses identify new markets, provide practical business ideas and help its clients capitalize on new opportunities. Additionally, the company helps clients keep abreast of emerging trends in the marketing gifts industry, and the latest promo creations.

Considering that publicity materials, also known as ad specialties, are some of the most effective way of getting your brand across at events, Chameleons insists that practicality is crucial. This is because it ensures that your ad specialties are not only retained, but also used for a long period of time even after the event. As the company correctly points out, if you have to beat the competition, promoting your brand is the way to go.

Customers served by Chameleons

We supply giveaways to a wide range of El Paso TX organizations and businesses. Examples include government organizations, Universities, hospitals housing associations, charitable bodies and sports clubs among many more. It has been tried, tested and hence trusted throughout El Paso TX for supplying these vital items. So, whatever your type of business is, you are sure to get a specific idea to effectively help promote your brand.

Benefits of using Chameleons’ products and services

Chameleons offer several cost effective products, services and packages that match the requirements and price points of your budget. No one comes close to Chameleons in balancing quality, price and opportunity.

The company offers its clients several business management tools enabling you to effectively promote your company to your clients. This comes in handy for businesses just starting up or the small scale industry players.

The specialties offered by Chameleons include;

Anti-stress toys, Air Fresheners, Balloons, Beverages accessories, budges, Bottle openers, Calculators, Business shirts, Business Card Holders, and the list goes on. Just visit the company website and take a look at the assortment we have, and you will come away with many brand awareness gifts appropriate for your business.

PR merchandise marketing tips

An effective marketing drive is vital to the success of any business. Endorsing gift ideas,will do a great job for you if use them effectively. Follow the tips below and you will be a witness, that indeed, branding specialties play an important role.

Sales lead generator

While smart firms use direct mails to create new sales leads, it has been proven that when business endorsing items are included in the direct mail package, response rates increase tremendously. The secret is to include a promo product, for instance a calculator or personalized pen, in your mailer. The mail acquires a heftiness and bulk that normal mails do not have. This attracts attention ensuring that the mail will get opened, and hence read.

Enhance trade show traffic

Trade shows normally cost a lot of money. So, use brand awareness to maximize the value of such shows. People have been found to spend more time in a booth when they use a persuasion, such as a pen, t-shirt or key ring, regardless of value. Each person that spends extra time in your booth gives you added benefit of making your show productive.

Increase customer loyalty

Give your customers a small gift every time they make a purchase, and they will feel appreciated. It is the best way of telling them “thank you for choosing our business, we value you”. The only thing that will set you apart from your competitors is the little bit extra that you offer for free. It will earn you increased attention than you would otherwise have.

Placing an order from Chameleons is very simple. All you have to do is browse the company’s catalog and once you have chosen your ideal gift, request a quote, place an order or contact any of the Chameleons’ experienced staff who will gladly assist you.

417 E Yandell Dr
El Paso, TX 79902
(915) 307-3415

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