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Silicone Bands For Brand Recognition El PasoChameleons is your ultimate promotional products reseller with a wide range of marketing items, corporal giveaways and branded merchandise including bags, pens, memory stick mugs, key rings and much more. Whatever your requirement is, the company, located in El Paso TX, will get you the ideal specialty to perfectly capture your proposition. Do you want to that added attention and make a mark with your clients? Chameleons can effectively facilitate this by personalizing your marketing products by name or any other criteria you think is appropriate.

Reasons Chameleons’ Stands Out

Chameleons, in El Paso TX, has put in place measures to ensure that you get value for your money. By choosing their marketing items and services, you stand to benefit in the following ways;

Real measurable results

Apart from helping you get real measurable results from your publicity merchandise, Chameleons will show you how to track them. Do not waste your marketing dollars. Instead, allow this most prominent reseller company to suggest tried and tested ways of using your marketing creations as effective tools.

Saves time

From quoting to delivery, no one does it faster and as efficient as Chameleons. Its expert staff members do not compromise on quality; the company has a variety of items that can be done right in a very short period of time.

Has all it takes to best handle your project

Do not take chances. Work with a business who knows how to brand your business, and the process involved, inside out. For many years now, Chameleons, has been dealing with a variety of branding products as well as different art preparation techniques hence, they are in the best position to make every project successful.

How To Maximize The Impact Of Marketing Products In El Paso

A sales call cost a fortune. For this reason, many sales reps are now incorporating advertising specialties to ingratiate themselves with secretaries and receptions for maximum impact. Start by presenting a special promo gift to the decision making audience, as a manifestation of good will. To convey high level of professionalism, follow up your presentation with a letter and brand recognition item. For example, a day planner or imprinted pen-that says “Thank you for giving us your time”. Considering the high cost of sales call, it is only prudent to leverage the high cost by investing a little more money so as to add to the tremendous impact this promotional products give.

As competition in business intensifies, the battle for customer’s minds also intensifies. This is where promotional companies come in and help you leverage your lions share of your market. Let as many people as possible use your branded products with your business slogan and logo. Your message will be etched deeper into people’s subconscious minds, reasserting your company’s identity, hence create awareness of your brand. By doing this effectively, with the assistance of Chameleons, you will be able to create and maintain a loyal following of clients who can’t go for any other commodity or service.

Tips On Using Effective Promo Specialties

Your logo isn’t always necessarily important

Every advertising product need not have your logo on it. While that may seem to be the point of advertising, the truth of the matter is personalizing the product for your customer makes even more sense. Put a client’s name on a water bottle, ball point pen, or reusable shopping bag and you are sure he or she will use it, and even tell others about your company.

Environmental targeting

Environment targeting involves giving out items that will be used in environments where decisions involving your service or product are made. For instance, if you run an online business, give your customers flash drives, since they will be used by customers that are at their computers planning on placing an order.

Reward referrals with promotional products

A branded item, with a logo, will work best when a customer has forwarded you a referral. Reward the referral by giving them your brand, and they will feel valued. Choose a number of items for extra better impact.

Word of advice

Chameleons recommends making an effort to design your marketing items to be unique and to reflect your brand. Avoid duplicating the items your competitors use; differentiating yourself will pay in the long run. Provided the items are useful to your target clients in their daily activities, they will surely serve the purpose. To figure out how to put your brand across, Chameleons recommends asking yourself the following questions: Who is my target audience? What message am I putting across? Is my message carried through in my promotion items?

Chameleons has been serving the marketing items industry and helping companies like yours for several years. Consequently, it can offer your business the necessary support, technology, marketing, networking and ideas to grow in the promotional products industry.

417 E Yandell Dr
El Paso, TX 79902
(915) 307-3415

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