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Water Bottle Advertising MaterialChameleons and your marketing campaigns go together like milk and cookies. The company, located in El Paso TX, is dedicated to complementing your promotions with high-quality company promotional items, and takes your advertising needs very serious. Your Chameleons representative takes it as a personal mission to make sure that all your promotional material appears exactly as you wish, right from the color of the items to the size your logo.

Benefits of working with Chameleons

Top-notch customer service at Chameleons of El Paso

Chameleons is dedicated to maintaining your product’s integrity and delivers your order on budget and on time. Regardless of the size of your company, the company’s team of experts is available to assist you develop a perfect marketing solution. This, therefore, implies that you will get the ideal company branded items that perfectly fit your company’s marketing needs. Chameleons’ high-tech customer service is unparalleled in El Paso TX. With an in house decoration facility, the company is able to deliver quality brand awareness products to your hands in time.

Variety of Branded Products to Endorse Your Business

If you’re looking for quality custom, branded company items at affordable prices, Chameleons has a perfect solution for you. You will find hundreds of items available to choose from in stock, with new items added daily to enable your brand keep up with the modern trends. If you are wondering where to start, visit the company’s best seller categories. These items include logo bags, pens, custom t-shirts, custom head wear and corporal apparel. You can be assured that marketing your business recognition with these types of products is golden.

Low Priced Promotion Ideas

Opting for Chameleons, a seasoned marketing products seller, for all your company advertising specialties and logo merchandise, means getting amazing commodities at competitive prices. The company has a very easy pricing program that clearly shows you what you are paying for upfront. There are no surprises when you’re finished selecting what you want. Besides, the company offers positive promotion specials occasionally, to make purchasing items for your company promotions, exceedingly more affordable.

Chameleons Marketing Items Guarantee

Chameleons prides’ itself in customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your order, our company experts will work with you to make it right. This means that when we work on your project, we assure that everything is according to your specifications and satisfaction.

The power of Company Branded Products

Endorsing your company brand provides a perfect opportunity to reactivate old customers. Customer attrition happens to be the most unfortunate thing your business can experience. Constantly trying to entice new customers to replace those you are losing is an exercise in futility. Experts have proved that the most successful businesses are the ones that are not only good at attracting new customers, but also at retaining old ones. Company promotional material are very effective in achieving this feat. Bring old customers back to the fold with a logo branded item.

A simple letter that includes personalized pen, for instance, will attract the attention of the recipient, informing your inactive clients that you still value them. Matter of fact, client reactivation is a lot easier than attracting a new one, yet most firms do not take advantage of this. Send inactive customers a promo item, reminding them that you care, their loyalty to your business will increase tremendously.

Comparing Advertising Specialties to other advertising mediums

PR products are a most effective and cost effective form of advertising compared to other advertising mediums. Compared to TV, print, and any other methods, custom promotional materials cost less per client, create and strengthen new relationships leading to repeat exposure of your message. Chameleons of El Paso, TX, is your ideal partner in this area.

Chameleons is not a company that will deliver low quality item giveaways that will fall apart after a couple of uses. The company has high standards for the quality of its merchandise, and only specializes in top quality brand awareness items. As a matter of fact, it stands behind the value of its merchandise so much that it has “quality only” as its guiding principle. Quality company branded items are exactly what you get when you choose Chameleons’ imprinted travel mugs, stress balls, custom mouse pads or any of the thousands of materials for your marketing.

Chameleons located in El Paso, TX, has virtually everything you need, ranging from trade show giveaways to company logo merchandise, and much more. They have something for everyone, every budget and every occasion. Give this worthy company an opportunity to meet all your promotional product needs.

417 E Yandell Dr
El Paso, TX 79902
(915) 307-3415


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